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Lantern Festival: The world’s largest festival of lights opened its doors in Santiago today

-The Chinese cultural show filled with joy and colors the Family Park of Quinta Normal, being a meeting of celebration, with music, gastronomy and shows for the whole family.

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-The Chinese cultural show filled with joy and colors the Family Park of Quinta Normal, being a meeting of celebration, with music, gastronomy and shows for the whole family. -The event starts this December 23 and will last until March 26 at the Parque de la Familia. Friday, December 23, Santiago – This Thursday was inaugurated the International Festival of Lights of China, Lantern Festival, the largest festival of lights in the world that will be held in the Parque de la Familia between December 23 and March 26, presenting a new unique panorama for the whole family. The festival of lights was inaugurated by the mayor of Quinta Normal, Karina Delfino; the director of the Metropolitan Park of Santiago, Carlos Ponce and the director of Fisa Fairs, Ximena Barra. At the event, hundreds of people accompanied the tour of the park that presented more than 30 structures and hundreds of figures, some over 12 meters high, that pay tribute to China, with objects and replicas of more than one million lights that combine shapes, colors, music and art, giving life to the new version of Lantern Festival. The festival of lights shows a journey through the roads of the Chinese provinces highlighting their treasures, history, folklore and traditions, being an exhibition classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. “I want to thank Fisa for bringing this tremendous festival, and Parquemet for taking care of our parks and allowing this event to take place. It is very important for us, as a Municipality, that this kind of events are in the commune for our neighbors. We are proud to have this festival of lights, brought directly from China and worked by Chinese artisans and artists. This inauguration of the Lantern Festival has been very important, and we hope that many people can visit it”, said the Mayoress of Quinta Normal, Karina Delfino. Carlos Ponce, director of Parque Metropolitano de Santiago, said that “together with the Ministry of Housing we are very happy to have Lantern Festival at Parque de la Familia together with Fisa. It has been an incredible presentation of structures and figures of lights, which you will be able to visit over the next three months. It is an incredible show for the whole family, so we hope that everyone will come, and hopefully we will have more events of this importance in the future in our network of urban parks”. The director of Fisa Fairs, Ximena Barra, added that “we are very happy to bring this international show that travels the world, with the best of the millenary Chinese culture and the presentation of thousands of lights that give shape and life to various structures and figures. We are sure that people will be surprised with the festival of lights that we have brought thanks to Parquemet and the municipality of Quinta Normal. That is why we invite everyone to come as a family, as a couple, with friends, children, aunts, uncles and grandparents, to live a unique experience. We look forward to seeing you. The cultural show will surprise thousands of people, who will be able to see one of the largest oriental shows in the world. The festival of lights will be an ideal tour for adults, young people and children, who will be able to marvel at the giant monumental sculptures that will be illuminated during the night. The sculptures that visitors to the Lantern Festival will be able to appreciate are built by 41 artisans from China, who combine three-dimensional figures that are mounted on steel structures, modeled by wires, covered by colorful hand-painted silks, with lights inside that give shape to animals, flowers, mythological beings and scenes of Chinese culture. Among the millenary Chinese figures are dragons, lotus flowers, cranes, boats, magic trees, tea cups, deer, the monkey king, among others. CHRISTMAS IN HUNDREDS OF LIGHTS The exhibition of lights also has a Christmas theme, where children can see a village of snowmen, multicolored candies, Christmas gifts, reindeer, a Christmas post office, and a road to the North Pole, among others. Technical information DAYS AND HOURS Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 p.m. to midnight. -THE PARK WILL BE CLOSED ON DECEMBER 24 and 31, 2022. TICKET PRICE -Adults: $10.900 -Children, seniors and people with reduced mobility: $7.900 Translated with (free version)